My name is Dan Pestana, and I am an innovator.
I love really big ideas, so asking me to think small creates a huge challenge.
My attention to detail does contradict that statement somewhat,
but big pictures don't look very good to me without an attention to detail.

Yes, my favorite dream has always been to be a successful inventor.
My un-patented concepts are:

The Silica Foam (ultra-light) Battery, my flying car engine experiment called the
PestanaSpoke or gyrospoke, the Teamcell Concept (aka to me as
Combinational Physics), and Vectorave Object-based Holographic
Transceiver Process, an open-source process

for ALL aspects of "holo-television" production.

I do have over 15 years of real experience in the field of television:
I worked full time as a production assistant, a technical director, a
camera man, and a master control operator for government TV.
I even acted in and helped produce several short independent films.

Before becoming a professional media specialist, I spent 5 years volunteering in
the field of consumer protection, both for our local government office and for
Channel 8. I even created the first 8-on-your-side website for WFLA.
All, this after being conned by several sociopathic swindlers. I no longer
have the same passion for consumer protection as I did before, except for remaining honest; so, I eliminated consumer information from my website after
having it up here for over 15 years.
Also, all of the information
I had posted before can now be easily Googled.


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